Laser Teeth Whitening

Laser Teeth Whitening at Neo-Derm Medical Aesthetic Clinic

Laser teeth whitening

Over time teeth can lose their natural whiteness. This can be due to a number of reasons such as age, drinking tea, coffee, red wine and smoking. Laser teeth whitening is a cosmetic treatment that involves lightening the teeth using a gel and laser to make them whiter. Neo-Derm’s team of professionals are able to quickly and safely remove stains without damaging your teeth.


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Your Journey with Neo-Derm for Laser Teeth Whitening

Your three steps for that brighter smile.

Laser Teeth Whitening at Neo-Derm. Client booking a treatment

Step 1

If Laser Teeth Whitening is something you are interested in, do not hesitate to call us to discuss this and arrange an appointment.

All we require is a £50 deposit to secure your appointment. If you have a gift voucher, let our staff member know and they will guide you on how to redeem the voucher.

If you have any concerns about the procedure, please feel free to ask any questions.

Laser Teeth Whitening at Neo-Derm.

Step 2

Please arrive on time so we can ensure you have all the necessary information.

You will then have a consultation with the dentist to ensure you are aware of the procedure and to reassure you if you have any worries.

Once everyone is happy to go ahead with the treatment, the dentist will assess your teeth shade which will be shared with you.

Laser Teeth Whitening at Neo-Derm , assessing teeth shade.

Step 3

The treatment will total 90 minutes and your teeth’ shade will then be re-assessed by the dentist and shared with you again, so you can see how many shades lighter your teeth have become.

The dentist will explain the aftercare and provide a leaflet for further information. Please read this and follow the notes for 48 hours after your treatment to ensure longer-lasting results.

Keep smiling and give us a call to book back in 4-6 months’ time.

Before and afters

Laser Teeth Whitening at Neo-Derm, before and after treatment
Neo-Derm, Laser teeth whitening, before and after treatment
Neo-Derm, Laser teeth whitening, before and after treatment


You will see a more even colour between the white spots and your teeth. Those spots could have been caused by fluorosis (fluoride staining), decalcification (breakdown of the teeth, on the verge of a cavity) or some sort of trauma to your teeth as a child (a fever or a blow to the mouth). Please be aware there is also a chance that the white spots on the teeth may become even whiter if you have any concerns please visit your dentist.

The Hollywood Teeth Whitening gel is made in the USA by one of the most respected chemists in the world within their ISO-certified plant. The blending of the Hollywood Teeth Whitening gel is unique, it’s a solution of Glycerin (preservative) and buffered Sodium Bicarbonate. Glycerin is the ingredient that helps keep the Bicarbonate active for an extended period.

Teeth whitening has been around for many years. It is the process of lightening the teeth to make them appear whiter and brighter using oxidising agents such as sodium bicarbonate. With the advancement of technology and science, the processes have become quicker and pain-free.

Neo-Derm Ltd offers professional teeth whitening solutions. Before treatment, your practitioner will discuss the different teeth whitening options available. They will listen to your requirements and together you can decide upon the best treatment option for you.

The process can cause some sensitivity. Usually, it will dissipate in a day or two. If you already have sensitive teeth, we suggest using Sensodyne toothpaste two weeks prior to and post-procedure. The fluoride and potassium nitrate will help eliminate the sensitivity by clogging the pores. It slows down the process, but you will still get great results.