Price List Manchester

Neo-Derm Manchester

At Neo-Derm we like to offer our clients safe and effective treatments, provided by highly trained doctors, nurses and dentists. We provide high-quality treatments at affordable prices. Follow us on our social media pages to see our latest offers or call us for any enquiries. Let us take care of you.


Consultation with Doctor£50 Redeemable Towards Treatment/Products

Anti Wrinkle Injection

1 area£110
2 areas£190
3 areas£240
Top upFREE

Dermal Filler

Lip Fillers£299
Tear Trough Filler£299
Cheek Definition£299
Marionette Lines£299
Nasolabial Folds£299
Frown Lines£299
Chin Crease£299
Accordion Lines£299

Skin Tag Removal

Skin Tag Removal 1 skin tagFrom £99
Skin Tag Removal 3 skin tagsFrom £150
Mole RemovalFrom £125

Chemical Peels

Light Glycolic Peel (20% to 70%)£90
Light Glycolic Peel (20% to 70%) course of 4£240
Obagi Blue Radiance Peel£130
Obagi Blue Radiance Peel course of 3£320
TCA Deep Peel£299
Phenol Peel 1 Area£1,250
Phenol Full Face£3,950


Acne & Scarring£525
Décolletage Treatment£350
Eye Treatment (Eye Bag Lift)£320
Face, Neck, Brow & Eyes£680
Full Face (Micro-needling)£525
Full Face & Neck (Micro-needling)£650
Neck (Micro-needling)£350
Non-invasive Face Lift£1,500
Party Lift£950
Skin Rejuvenation£525
Ultralift (Face/Neck/Body)£2,000


Profhilo two treatments£450

RRS XL Hair Regrowth Programme

RRS XL Hair Regrowth Programme 1 session£250

Aqualyx Fat Dissolving

Chin course of 2£700
Body course of 3£750

IV Therapy and Vitamin Shots

IV TherapyFROM £250
Vitamin B12£50
Vitamin D£50
Vitamin C +B£100
Hay Fever Shot£50
Anti-inflammatory injection£50

Cutera Laser Hair Removal

Consultation including patch test£50 Redeemable Towards Your Treatment
Upper lip (1 treatment)£75
Upper lip (6 treatments)£350
Face (Small Area) (1 treatment)£125
Face (Small Area) (6 treatments)£550
Full Arms (1 treatment)£200
Full Arms (6 treatments)£800
Full Face (1 treatment)£250
Full Face (6 treatments)£1000
Hands or Neck (1 treatment)£150
Hands or Neck (6 treatments)£720
Underarms (1 treatment)£100
Underarms (6 treatments)£450
Chest or Upper Back (1 treatment)£120
Chest or Upper Back (6 treatments)£600
Abs (1 treatment)£120
Abs (6 treatments)£600
Lower Back (1 treatment)£120
Lower Back (6 treatments)£600
Lower Legs (1 treatment)£200
Lower Legs (6 treatments)£850
Upper Legs (1 treatment)£200
Upper Legs (6 treatments)£850
Full Legs (1 treatment)£260
Full Legs (6 treatments)£1200

Cutera Hyperpigmentation

Consultation including a patch test£50 Redeemable Towards Your Treatment
Hyperpigmentation Course of 3£400
Hyperpigmentation Course of 6£640

Cutera Laser Genesis

Consultation including a patch test£50 Redeemable Towards Your Treatment
Laser Genesis Full Face£200
Laser Genesis Full Face Course of 6£900