ULTRAcel Skin Tightening

Ultracel at Neo-Derm Clinic


The most advanced technology for non-surgical facelifts and collagen remodelling. ULTRAcel is a revolutionary skin rejuvenation treatment that tightens skin, improves skin tone, reduces scarring and can remove double chins.

ULTRAcel is the ultimate 3-in-1 treatment, offering non-surgical skin tightening and lifting and addressing fine lines and wrinkles. ULTRAcel is a revolutionary, no downtime, triple-face lifting technology treatment.

ULTRAcel offers three modalities:

1  Micro-Needling with RF – To tighten, tone and rejuvenate the skin

Surface Radio Frequency – Promotes natural collagen growth to the skin’s surface through thermal energy

3  HIFU – Precisely targeted thermal energy tightens and contracts the muscular layer for a skin-lifting result

These three techniques combine to lift not just the skin, but the deep muscle layer underneath, which was previously only reached by surgical facelifts. Together they create the ultimate non-surgical face-lifting technology known as THE ULTRA-EFFECT.


  • Acne & Scarring
  • Décolletage Treatment
  • Eye Treatment (Eye Bag Lift)
  • Face, Neck, Brow & Eyes
  • Full Face (Microneedling)
  • Full Face & Neck (Microneedling)
  • Neck (Microneedling)
  • Non-invasive Face Lift
  • Skin Rejuvenation


From £320

Before and afters

Before and after Ultracel
Before and after Ultracel
Ultracel treatment at Neo-Derm, before and after


A mild prickling sensation may be felt in the treatment area where energy builds in the deeper tissue layers. Energy levels will be adjusted according to individual patients’ feedback to ensure that the treatment is comfortable.

Immediately after treatment your skin will look and feel tighter and more defined. The degree of immediate tightening varies between patients and most patients’ results continue to improve for at least 3 months as tired collagen is replaced with new stronger collagen as part of the deep tissue healing process. Repeat treatment programs will be recommended on an individual patient process; however, results are predicted to last for a number of years with the skin naturally commencing the ageing process once again.

The number of treatments required will depend on the original quality of the skin and the degree of damage to be treated, but between 1 and 3 treatments may be recommended. Your practitioner will be able to discuss a treatment plan during your consultation. Normally however we can get immediate results with just 1 treatment.

A thin gel will be applied to the treatment area and the handpiece will be moved systematically over the area, heating the skin. Immediately after radiofrequency, we then change handpieces and cause deep tissue tightening with ultrasound.

This is a non-invasive procedure which has little to no downtime. Immediately post-treatment, the skin may feel warm to the touch. In a limited number of patients, there may be a mild sensation of deep tissue tenderness for 5 to 7 days.